Artwork By [Additional Art And Design]
Daniel Murphy (3)
Kevin McCaughey (3)
Artwork By [Front Cover Art]
Eric Kostiuk Williams
Drum Programming
Mike Haliechuk
Mike Haliechuk
Jonah Falco
Mike Haliechuk

Track List

A1None Of Your Business Man
A2Raise Your Voice Joyce
A3Tell Me What You See
A4Normal People
B1Torch To Light
B2Talking Pictures
B3House Of Keys
B4Dose Your Dreams
C1Living In A Simulation
C2I Don’t Wanna Live In This World Anymore
C3How To Die Happy
C4Two I's Closed
C5The One I Want Will Come For Me
D1Mechanical Bull
D3Came Down Wrong
D4Love Is An Island In The Sea
D5Joy Stops Time

Originally released October 5, 2018