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Track List

2Bradley Cooper - Black eyes
3Somewhere over the rainbow
4Fabulous french
5Lady Gaga - La vie en rose
6I'll wait for you
7Bradley Cooper - Maybe it's time
8Parking lot
9Bradley Cooper - Out of time
10Bradley Cooper - Alibi
11Trust me
12Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Shallow
13First stop, Arizona
14Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Music to my eyes
15Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Diggin' my grave
16I love you
17Lady Gaga - Always remember us this way
1How do you hear it?
2Lady Gaga - Look what I found
4Lady Ggaga - heal me
5Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - I don't know what love is
7Lady Gaga - Is that alright?
9Lady Gaga - Why did you do that?
10Lady Gaga - Hair body face
11Scene 98
12Lady Gaga - Before I cry
13Bradley Cooper - Too far gone
14Twelve notes
15Lady Gaga - I'll never love again (film version)
16Lady Gaga - I'll never love again (extented version)

Originally released October 4, 2018