6 New Records to Look Out for This Month

The needle just dropped on October, so it’s time to look at the month ahead and break down the releases we’re most excited to see in the coming weeks.

From Angel Olsen's first since 2016's My Woman to FKA Twigs' second full-length, these artists are staking out new sonic territory this autumn. Add them all to your Feed to be notified as soon as the new records arrive. Or get yourself ready by grabbing their previous releases.

Battles - Juice B Crypts

Are you into the idea of getting down to an international dance party hosted by robots? The new Battles album is just the remedy for this incredibly specific scenario. Featuring guests from iconoclasts Shabazz Palaces to Taiwanese psych rockers Prairie WWWW to Yes frontman Jon Anderson, Juice B Crypts expands on the experimental institution’s penchant for glitchy, shape-shifting themes even though they’re now down to a duo.

Tyler, the Creator - IGOR (Second Pressing)

Those tasty limited-edition, mint-colored pressings of this year’s latest from one of hip-hop’s prime provocateurs didn’t stick around for long, leaving us all to wonder when a new pressing would hit shelves. In the first few weeks of October, Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR will rise once again to boogie with fresh wax and add new life to your shelf. We think we’re falling in love.

Angel Olsen - All Mirrors

Over the course of three albums, the once Chicago- and now Asheville-based songwriter pulled off a number of looks with ease: rowdy, nostalgic, introspective. On her new album All Mirrors, she’s coalescing all those past iterations of herself into one expansive entity that unfolds beautifully over the course of 11 songs. Moody strings, dark synths, and big echoed spaces reminiscent of ‘80s Kate Bush are front and center with enough rumination on time and self to make Yeats take a seat.

DIIV - Deceiver

It’s been nearly four years since the grunge-loving shoegazers (or shoegaze-loving grungers?) released the critically-acclaimed Is The Is Are. This week, they’re back in full form with the long-anticipated Deceiver. Mastermind Zachary Cole Smith’s airy vocals and loose-jointed melodies swell and recede from a Stratocaster, making for the kind of record that's perfect for a drive, or just for a night in bed staring at the ceiling.

FKA Twigs - Magdalene

When Tahliah Debrett Barnett's first long-playing effort, LP1, arrived in 2014, it seemed to come out of nowhere, a bold statement from a fully formed yet brand-new artist. In fact, FKA Twigs had been refining her vision on EP1 and the Arca-produced EP2. This highly anticipated follow-up to her stunning debut has been years in the making, with Barnett having already toured with many of these new songs. If her discography is any guide, it's bound to defy expectations.

Wilco - Ode to Joy

These days, a new record by Wilco is like a visit from an old friend, with the conversation picking up right where it left off. But the sonic experimentalists will still keep you guessing. The first single from Ode to Joy, "Love Is Everywhere (Beware)," bears a weary chord progression and uneasy lyrics that reject what may otherwise be a breezy platitude. And the second single, "Everyone Hides," is jaunty but effacing. Right when you think you might be able to pin Wilco down, they just keep shifting.