Best of the Bin: Culture Clash Records

Welcome back to Best of the Bin, a series that invites Reverb LP sellers to discuss some of the favorite records they have among their inventory. This week we have Toledo, Ohio’s Culture Clash Records.

Begun in 2005, Culture Clash Records is a small, family-run, independent record store serving the Toledo community—and shipping records around the globe. Owner Tim Friedman says, "Offering an eclectic and ever-evolving mix of new and pre-spun records as well as frequent live music events, Culture Clash is a welcoming home for both those starting their record collection and those searching for that something rare and elusive."

Friedman's love for his store started long before he became the owner. "This store felt like home when I started shopping here a decade ago," he says. "Now, I am on the other side of the counter, and I get to talk to such rad people with their own musical tastes and expertise while we all slow down, listen well, and figure out what to play next."

Below, Tim highlights some of the best records they currently have available. Starting today and running through June 23 at 11:00 pm CST, you can get 25% off all of Culture Clash's inventory on Reverb LP.

Tasha - Alone at Last

Solid songwriting, beautiful guitar work, and a voice like butter. Chicago poet/songwriter Tasha caught my eye last year with Alone At Last, and it is still a heavily played album in my home and my head.

Bernie and the Invisibles - All Possibilities Are Open

Releasing the only known recordings, fellow Ohio record store and label My Mind's Eye put out this rare collection of obscure '70s punkers Bernie and The Invisibles. "Challenging" and "raw" are the best words to describe this selection of demos and live recordings. Worth checking out for the brave punk fan.

The Fall - John Peel Sessions

The Fall had a whopping 24 appearances on John Peel’s seminal program. This LP is a great way to start a deep dive into the John Peel Sessions as well as The Fall.

Damien Jurado - In The Shape of a Storm

When Damien Jurado played in the back of our store the year before releasing this outstanding album, I remember hearing three beautiful sounds: Jurado's whisper-singing, the stunning silence from an entranced crowd, and a frequent customer who leaned in to tell me this was the best in-store he'd seen in nearly 15 years of Culture Clash events.

Duke Pearson - Tender Feelin's

Culture Clash has always represented a unique and well-curated local record shop, which is why this original Mono classic Blue Note album from Duke Pearson in good condition represents our little shop. We're honest about what we've got and you never quite know what you'll find—from records you'll immediately drop onto your turntable and into your ears to those pieces you frame and display proudly!

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