Best of the Bin: Deally-Stan Vinyl

Deally-Stan Vinyl's Garry Postell

Best of the Bin is a series that highlights the sellers and stores that call Reverb LP home. In this edition, we meet Garry Postell, founder of Deally-Stan Vinyl.

For the past 15 years, Garry Postell has been a fixture of the Orlando vinyl scene. He stages pop-up record shows in Central Florida businesses and at weekend markets, as well as his house. His backyard record sales are legendary.

Garry also maintains an online presence on Reverb LP as Deally-Stan Vinyl. The shop offers a broad assortment of musical styles: from disco to death metal. Garry’s goal is to offer records that will appeal to serious collectors and those who are just starting their collections. The shop is constantly adding new vinyl, cassettes, and CDs.

Below, hear straight from Garry about some of the favorite records he has for sale.

The Dream Syndicate

The Days of Wine and Roses

The top group in LA's early-‘80s, neo-psychedelic Paisley Underground scene. Equal parts of the Velvet Underground and the Gun Club. Our Copy is a test pressing!

Starr Williams

Quarter Raw/Merry

Private-press funk. Heavy bass thumper. It’s bad, it's tough, it’s sho nuff got the stuff.


Sanctuary (The Complete Discography)

Relatively unheralded UK anarcho-punk band that sounded far more dark, desperate, raw, and apocalyptic than anything at the time. This reissue features their lone release, 1984's Sanctuary plus four additional tracks.

Prince and the Revolution


With "Kiss" as its lead single, Parade reels in its listeners. The rest of the album features fresh turns of minimalist funk. Still sealed 1986 original pressing!

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath Vol.4

The best Sabbath LP! Features some of their greatest material from the Ozzy Osbourne era: "Snowblind," "Cornucopia," "Supernaut," "Tomorrow’s Dream." 1972 NL Import pressing on Vertigo.