Best of the Bin: Village Green Records

Welcome back to Best of the Bin, a series that invites Reverb LP sellers to discuss some of the favorite records they have among their inventory. In this installment, we're kicking it with Travis Harvey, owner of Muncie, Indiana's Village Green Records.

"For over 13 years the VGR has been supplying handpicked new and used Vinyl and CDs to a small university community," Travis says. "We try to offer a little bit of everything in our small shop. A brick-and-mortar home with the record store taking over the converted living room, then dining room, and, after the years, it has devoured the master bedroom."

Below, Travis picked five of the records in his shop any adventurous record collector should check out.

The Drones

Feelin' Kinda Free

The last dying breath from Australia's nastiest and most unpredictable rock band of the last 20 years. With a tight grasp, the band attempts to control chaos with white-clenched knuckles. Lead vocalist Gareth spits words out like a rabid dog—try to keep up! Immediately after The Drones' demise, "Gaz" and company would return as a slightly switched-up combo known as Tropical Fuck Storm, yet another must-hear band.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch

It's Just Begun

The next best funk album for psych-rock heads apart from Funkadelic. 1972 saw Jimmy Castor and his Bunch returning with an edgy, wackadoo, gonzo romp fest tackling rock, pop, funk, disco, Latin, and even horror. It's Just Begun is at once dynamic and conceptually epic, yet also filled with killer dance cuts, making it a favorite among breakdancers for decades.



Two Hollywood noise/foley producers and one of the quickest wordsmiths of hip-hop history—the rapper Daveed Diggs. Clipping's brand of brash, horrifying noisescapes coupled with banging beats is best described in their press release as: "party music for the club you wish you hadn't gone to, the car you don't remember getting in…"


Roseland NYC Live

For over a decade, the Roseland NYC concert was believed to be Portishead's last album, a fitting way to conclude the career of one of the key developers of the moody, sexy trip-hop genre in the '90s. Portishead invites live brass and string musicians to their stage as a way to bridge the gap between their otherworldly electronics and the sensual organic grooves that are integral to the trip-hop recipe.


Empire Box Set

For over a decade, Unwound has been one of our favorite "ace up the sleeve" bands to recommend to fans of math-y, post-hardcore, post-punk, noisy alternative rock. One of our favorite boutique record labels, the Numero Group, was kind enough to provide the world with a series of box sets spanning the entire Unwound recorded output. The Empire set concludes the band's career, with their final magnum opus—Leaves Turn Inside You—included.