How to Join the Reverb LP Affiliate Program

Become a Reverb LP Affiliate
Becoming a Reverb LP affiliate is a great way to supplement your income and fuel your record budget—and we make the process simple. Using PartnerStack, you’ll be provided with a custom link and dashboard that will help you reap and keep track of your rewards.

10% of Every Purchase Made on Reverb LP

From box sets to rarities, from used to new and all physical formats in-between, you earn 10% of every purchase made using your link–a higher margin versus Amazon’s standard 5% for recorded music.

10% of Every Digital Purchase on Reverb

The same person who just bought Phoenix’s Ti Amo might also be a budding synth star—makes sense they would purchase Reverb’s Phoenix’s Synth pack, right? Earn 10% on every digital purchase made on Reverb.

1% of Every Purchase on Reverb

Whether it’s a record lover purchasing a brand new turntable or a guitarist picking up a used Telecaster for some side-by-side jamming with their favorite record—receive 1% of any crossover purchase made on Reverb.

7-Day Purchase Window

eBay and Amazon’s 1-Day purchase window feels a little short, right? That’s why Reverb LP’s is open for 7-Days. You'll receive rewards for any user who clicks your link and makes a purchase within our 7 day window.

Affiliate FAQ

Who can be an affiliate?
Anyone! As long as the content of your blog, website, and/or social media platform is your own. Individuals who attempt to defraud the system will be flagged. Where can I advertise my links?
You can advertise your Reverb LP affiliate links on social media, your blog, your website—and even your email list. How do I keep track of my sales?
PartnerStack provides a dashboard where you’ll be able to see your clicks, traffic, earnings and generate custom links.

How are payouts processed?
All affiliate commission is paid out on the 15th of every month for the previous month. Payouts are processed via Paypal or Stripe.

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