Blowing out of New Orleans in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Jazz is considered to be America’s classical music. The sound of jazz has greatly evolved over the past century, but whether its big band, swing, bop, free jazz, or fusion, it remains a powerful vehicle of expression and improvisational mastery.

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Sketches of Spain

Miles Davis

1960's Sketches of Spain saw Miles Davis and arranger Gil Evans blend traditional Spanish folk, symphonic music, and jazz into something new. Miles handled criticism of the record not being real Jazz perfectly, stating "it's music, and I like it."

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Universal Beings

Makaya McCraven

One of our favorite Jazz records in recent history comes from Chicago's Makaya McCraven. Universal Beings consists of improvised sessions with different groups of all-star players from around America and the UK. McCraven then sifted through all the recordings and built this incredibly fluid, distinctly alive music that is a blend of potent, powerful jazz and hip-hop production.

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