Essential Tropicália

Under the Brazilian dictatorship of Costa e Silva, the Tropicália movement of the late ‘60s wasn’t just an exploration of sonic psychedelia, it was also subversive. While their northern counterparts were free to celebrate the summer of love, Tropicálistas routinely became the target of censorship by a deeply nationalistic government. By concealing political commentary and avant-garde ideas in a deceptively optimistic and Brazilian sound, Tropicália found a way to glide through the turbulent times. In this crate, we provide a road map of where to start exploring this acid-tinged movement. It’s both surreal and anti-authoritarian. It gives you the traditional head trip of ‘60s psychedelia, while adding uniquely Brazilian chords and complex polyrhythms. It wants you to smile, it wants you to rebel, it wants you to question your surroundings and it wants you to dance while doing so.

Image via Creative Commons Original