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Gaye said this album was when he began to "re-evaluate my whole concept of what I wanted my music to say" so that he could "write songs that would reach the souls of the people." The album speaks of struggles both personal and world wide, and even though label executives feared releasing a "protest" album, Gaye absolutely succeeded in connecting to the souls of the people-at the time of release the title track was Motown's fastest selling single.

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Funkadelic pretty much created their own genre combining psychedelic rock and funk with their first 3 albums. Maggot Brain was the final album to feature the early line up of the band and is the perfect hybrid of trippy rock and danceable funk groove. The epic opener contains a monster guitar solo by Eddie Hazel that was written to evoke the feeling of finding out about the death of his mother, but really, you can hear the emotion pouring from the speakers during the entire 37 minute run time, not just on the sprawling introductory track.

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