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Building a record collection can be daunting. Flipping through thousands of records in a store or millions online can be an overwhelming experience. We feel your pain and want to offer our expertise to guide you through growing a collection that will offer countless hours of rewarding listening without requiring countless hours of research.

Miles Davis' Kind of Blue has more or less become the jazz album. You have surely heard this music time and time again throughout your life whether you meant to or not, but if you stop and really listen you will always be drawn in by the magic contained in the grooves of this record.

Got those? Get these.

Sun Ra released Space is the Place in 1973 and it remains unlike anything else to this very day. A grooving, swinging, experimental jazz record full of freak outs and group chant lead by a self-professed alien from Saturn.

3 Essential Labels

A surprising amount of the greatest jazz recordings can be found on one of three labels. Each label has somewhat of a unique sound. Figuring out which label's output most matches your tastes can give a great pathway for exploring jazz in a deeper way.

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