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Building a record collection can be daunting. Flipping through thousands of records in a store or millions online can be an overwhelming experience. We feel your pain and want to offer our expertise to guide you through growing a collection that will offer countless hours of rewarding listening without requiring countless hours of research.

Many believe "Sgt. Pepper" to be the apex of rock and roll. It is essentially the world's biggest and possibly most influential band at absolute height of their creative power.

Got those? Get these.

1976 found the Eagles creating their first album with new guitarist, Joe Walsh. They abandoned some of the country leanings in their sound and made the soft rock album to end all soft rock albums. The title track is inescapable and speaks not just to the excess of the era's rockstar lifestyle but to that of the country as a whole.

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From the Folk Rock and Psychedelia of the 1960s all the way to electronic experimentalism of the 2000s one of the only constants in Rock music is change. Great music is a reflection of the time it was created in. Dig through these picks from the last 50 or so years of the evolution of Rock and Roll.

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