Billing Policy

Low transaction fees

Who says you can’t have a better <span>experience</span> and pay less for it? We’re building a marketplace focused on serving music lovers, and it starts with a modest transaction fee of 6%.

Pay only 6% of the selling price.

  • You only pay when your item sells and the buyer’s money is in your hand.
  • You pay only 6% of the final price, with a $0.10 minimum and a $350 maximum fee.
  • No listing fees, listing renewal fees, or monthly membership fees.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You sell your Gibson Les Paul for $650.
  2. The buyer pays via PayPal or Reverb Direct Checkout.
  3. You’ll be charged $22.75 ($650 x 3.5%). (Payment processing fees are separate and vary based on payment type and buyer location.)

You can learn more about Seller Fees over in our Help Center.


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