Reverb Payments

The simplest checkout experience

Benefits for Buyers

Pay with a Credit Card

Reverb Payments allows you to use a debit or credit card to pay for records on Reverb LP. Our system is secured and encrypted, so your information is always safe.

Check Out Quickly

Skip the hassle of logging into PayPal or calling a seller to give them your card info. Reverb Payments even lets you store your card on file to breeze through future purchases.

Buy with Confidence

Reverb Preferred Sellers are established community members who have received consistently positive feedback. All Preferred Sellers accept Reverb Payments to provide the best possible purchasing experience.

Immediate Payouts with Reverb Bucks

Enabling Reverb Bucks for your shop gets you instant payouts when you ship a sale. Plus, get a 1% discount on purchases using Reverb Bucks.

Note: Reverb Bucks are currently only available to sellers who receive USD.

How do I get Reverb Payments for my shop?

Reverb Payments is available for FREE to sellers who opt in and to those in the Preferred Sellers Program. You can opt in by going to your Shop Policies. You will also be required to verify your identity and publish refund and return policies for your shop.

Note: Reverb Payments is available to US and Canadian Sellers.

Opt In to Reverb Payments Now

FAQs for Sellers

How will this affect my sales?

Reverb Payments lets buyers pay you quickly and securely without leaving our site, which leads to more sales. Turning on Reverb Payments also allows buyers to use Reverb Bucks and gift cards at your store (but no worries – you’ll still be paid out by direct deposit). Last but not least, it’s an easy way to broaden your audience, and our sellers see more orders when they opt in.

What are the costs?

It doesn't cost anything to opt in to Reverb Payments – and at 2.7% + $0.25 per transaction, our fees are lower than PayPal. Preferred Sellers qualify for an even lower rate. Simply put, it's the easiest way to get the most for your records on Reverb LP while reaching the broadest possible audience of buyers.

Payment Processing Fees

USA 2.7% + 25¢ USD
per transaction
Canada 2.7% + 25¢ CAD
per transaction
France 2.7% + 0,25€ EUR
per transaction
UK 2.7% + £0.25 GBP
per transaction

*See more country rates here.

Who qualifies for Reverb Payments?

Reverb Payments is available to US and Canadian Sellers. In the US, Reverb Payments is available to any seller with a US bank account and whose shop currency is $USD. In Canada, Reverb Payments is available to any seller with a Canadian bank account and whose shop currency is either $USD or $CAD. Reverb Payments in other countries and currencies will be coming soon.

When will I receive my Reverb Payments payouts?

For your first sale, Reverb LP initiates a payout following confirmation your item has been delivered. For subsequent sales, Reverb LP initiates a payout when a valid tracking number shows the item is in-transit. Payout approval can take up to two business days. A valid tracking number MUST be provided to confirm the item has been shipped before dispersing payouts. Payout times vary based on existing feedback ratings, sales volume, Preferred Seller status, price of the item, and shipping destination. Read the full Reverb Payments Terms of Use for specifics.

  1. Item Ordered
    Up to 2 days
  2. Reviewed & Cleared for Shipment

    For your protection, we verify the buyer's information and secure payment on high-cost items.

  3. Tracking Added & Item In-Transit
    Up to 2 days
  4. Earnings Sent to Your Bank

    It typically takes 1-3 business days for funds to appear in your account, depending on your bank.

Note: US Sellers that exceed $20,000 in gross Reverb Payments Sales (not including refunds) and do more than 200 transactions in a calendar year will receive a 1099-K at the end of the year from Reverb LP.


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