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The Reverb LP community runs the gamut from famous brick-and-mortar shops to individual diggers on the hunt for more rare grooves. Get your records in front of them all in a few steps to make a sale, get your money, and start looking for your next buy.

Sell Your Records

Low Fees

Selling Fee
per item

Selling Fee

List as many records as you want for free. If they sell, Reverb LP’s selling fee is only 6% - no matter what.

Reverb Payments
2.7% + $0.25
per transaction
2.9% + $0.30
per transaction

Transaction Fee

Banks (and PayPal) charge fees to transfer money between buyers and sellers. Reverb Payments minimizes those fees, and provides protection above and beyond other payment processors.

See more country rates here.

List Your Record in Four Steps

  1. 1. Search for your album in Reverb LP
  2. 2. Use our catalog to find out which specific release you own
  3. 3. Use our guides to determine your record’s condition
  4. 4. Name your price

That's all there is to it!

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