What Is Reverb LP?

About Reverb LP

Reverb LP was founded for music fans. We're creating the largest marketplace ever built to buy, sell, and discuss records. As record collectors ourselves, we know the feeling of discovering new music and the work that comes with it: The hours spent in the stacks at your favorite store looking for a rare find, the joy of discovering a new favorite. Whether you're a die-hard crate digger or a newbie looking to get into collecting, Reverb LP is for you.

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The Reverb LP team aims to bring together an inclusive community of members ranging from brick-and-mortar shops to individual sellers with massive collections. Reverb LP users can buy and sell rarities, one-offs, and collection staples. Whether you're looking for an obscure classic with limited pressings or the hot new music you can't live without, we're here to help.


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