Matt Myers: What Record Would You Choose?

Guitarist and Vocalist of Houndmouth Talks Vinyl with Reverb LP

We here at Reverb LP recently welcomed Houndmouth frontman Matt Myers to the studio to spend some time talking with us about all things vinyl.

We learned a lot about the music he turns to for every situation—like War on Drugs to soundtrack his long car rides, Hall & Oates to inspire nostalgia, and the comforting lilt of Randy Newman or the wry country of John Prine for rainy days. Best music for a party? He heads for the Catskills stylings of Bobby Charles (whose self-titled album was backed by members of The Band). But what about the best song to play while you casually walk away from a fire? The effortless cool of Tom Petty's "Hear Comes My Girl."

Be sure to check out the video above for the full interview. If you're interested in checking out more of Matt Myers' music, you can browse Houndmouth's discography below on Reverb LP. And to hear Matt Myers talk about the gear he uses on stage check that video out over on Reverb.

Records Featured in this Video